From milk to cream cheese

Since 1962 we are producing cream cheese specialties on highest level in the heart of Weserbergland in harmony with nature. Petri Feinkost has been founded by Claus and Waltraud Petri and is now led in second generation. 

To guarantee highest product quality we put special value on the use of high-quality ingredients as well as standardized control procedures.


Daily we receive deliveries of fresh ingredients like chives, paprika, parsley, garlic or leek. Before sunrise, members of our Petrella-freshness-team start with the processing of the fresh ingredients. Vegetables and herbs are being washed, chopped and prepared for the upcoming work steps.

At the same time, our milk collecting carts are on tour to collect milk from farms in Weserbergland to deliver it to our in-house dairy.

Next to our spreadable and sliceable cream cheese made of cow milk, we also produce cream cheese specialties of goat milk which grow in popularity.


In addition to highly modern and computer-based machineries that control and monitor our cream cheese production, we also still manufacture traditionally. Our cream cheese ripens in towels for several time. The combination of modern technology and careful processing keeps its valuable flavors and nutrients.


We have set up high requirements for our quality standards. Control systems guarantee that only high quality products are leaving our house.


In 2016 – the year of our 25th brand anniversary of Petrella – we have made a brand new and stunning company image film. It gives an insight into our origins, philosophy, our company as well as the specialty of our cream cheese. You can have a look at it here.