Chicken Wrap with avocado and radicchio

35 Mins
Petrella Peppasweet
Chicken Wrap with avocado and radicchio

Ingredients (for 10 portions):

8g of basil (chopped), 40 ml of lime juice, 700g of Petrella Peppasweet, 600g of avocado (fruit; cut in dices – diameter: 1cm), 1kg of chicken breast filet (cut into stripes), 5g of garlic (chopped), 4g of fresh chili (chopped), 35ml olive oil, salt, 10 wraps, 200g of radicchio, 200g of arugula, 500g of iceberg lettuce, pepper, 3g of paprika powder


Mix basil, lime juice and 200 g of Petrella. Add the dices of avocado and marinate them. Fry chicken breast filets with garlic and chili in oil for ca. 4-5 minutes. Salt them. Let chicken breast stripes cool down. Prepare wraps according to pack instructions. Spread the rest of Petrella on the wraps. Add radicchio, arugula and iceberg lettuce. At the edge, leave out 1,5cm. Put chicken breast stripes and marinated dices of avocado on the lettuce. Season with salt, pepper and paprika powder. Roll them up and serve them diagonically sliced.