Fruity chicken skewer with snack-paprika

40 Mins
Petrella Peppasweet
Fruity chicken skewer with snack-paprika

Ingredients (for 10 portions):

400g of mango (cut in dices – diameter: 2cm), 1,2 kg of chicken breast fillet (cut in dices – diameter: 3cm), 500g of Petrella Peppasweet, 2g of ground cumin,  6g of fresh chopped thyme, 800g of snack-paprika (ca. 25 pieces) in halves and seedless, salt, 30ml of vegetable oil, 10ml of roasted sesame oil, 30g of honey, 40ml of soya sauce, 200ml of balsamico, 500g of lettuce, 750g of flatbread
You also need: spray bag, 10 wooden skewers, oil for baking tray


Skew mango- and chicken breast-dices alternately on the wooden skewers.
Mix Petrella Peppasweet with cumin and thyme and fill it in a spray bag. Salt the snack-paprika halves and spray Petrella onto the paprika halves.
Put halves of the snack-paprika in oiled baking tray and bake them in a preheated oven (200°) for 10-12 minutes. Salt the chicken-skewers and fry them in the mix of vegetable- and sesame oil for 6-8 minutes. Add honey. Glaze chicken-skewers. Add soya sauce and reduce heat for another 1-2 minutes.
Put dressing onto the lettuce. Serve chicken-skewers with snack-paprika, lettuce and flatbread.