Chevrotele - Goat cream cheese specialties

Now 100% without genetic engineering and lactose-free*


Our goat milk:


  • without genetic engineering
  • Our goat milk is not standardized, which means that the milk keeps its natural composition. Nothing is being added or removed.
  • Traditional processing of the goat milk.
  • Our goat cream cheese ripens in towels for several time.


Our new Chevrotele Goat Cheese Toppings:


  • Gently processed goat cream cheese is sprayed on round black bases like little hilltops.
  • Very mild in taste.
  • Spreadable and creamy.
  • So easy to upgrade every cheese plate just by lifting up the lid of the goat cheese toppings
  • Free from lactose (lactose content < 0.1g/100g)
  • without genetic engineering


Our advantages:


  • 20 years of experiences in the production of goat cream cheese on highest technical level, in combination with handcraft
  • Use of high-quality and fresh ingredients like fresh herbs and vegetables
  • Acting sustainably is an important goal for us.


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